Meet The Team


Elise Ackerman

Elise Ackerman has been entertaining audiences of all sizes her whole life. From the time she could walk, she lit up the stage and mat as a rhythmic gymnast, dancer, and actor. She has always been passionate about teaching and leading, which led to a career as a corporate trainer, where she taught everything from software skills to personal skills, and became a mentor.
Her ability to connect on a personal level, and her exceptional communication skills paved the way as she started her own business helping small businesses and individuals get organized, clear clutter and maximize productivity.

Elise’s entertaining continues today as a speaker and motivator on topics related to self-empowerment, authentic living, clutter clearing, and finding peace in the process.

Kristi Bumpus

Kristi Bumpus is an accomplished educator and yogini. She has 17 years of teaching experience in the public school system as a Speech Therapist as well as over 10 years of yoga experience. She is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and has completed almost 100 additional hours of kids yoga and mindfulness trainings. She teaches Hatha, vinyasa, and yin yoga.


Kristi’s practice has helped her to grow stronger, more flexible, and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires her to live each moment more mindfully and face life's challenges with trust and compassion. She weaves thought-provoking themes throughout her classes in a useful and understandable way while she invites you to become more aware of the healing power of your breath.


Kristi will always be a student of the practice and is deeply grateful for the loving wisdom of all of her teachers who have shared their knowledge with her over the years and years to come. She spends her free time feeling excited about being a mom, learning, listening to music, experiencing nature, seeing the beauty and interconnectedness of the world, and ever-continuing her soul work.

Tara Crabbe Profile Picture.jpg

Tara Crabbe 

Tara has over a decade of experience working with international clients to craft and hone career paths that are authentic, successful and rewarding on all levels. She has worked with Fortune-500 and Fortune-1000 company leaders to evolve their career paths, developed innovative holistic approaches for 1000s of students at the higher education level, and most recently recruited inspirational professors from across the design industries to bring their unique experience to the university classroom.

She began her career working in London, U.K. as a professional tutor for international students in a wide variety of age groups (from 11 years old - 55+)! In this setting she specialized in working with students with learning difficulties, implementing a holistic approach
to mind and body wellness to alleviate blocks to learning for her students, including tailored breathing exercises and physical warm-ups to improve engagement in the learning journey. When she relocated to Atlanta, GA 5 years ago, Tara transitioned into corporate recruiting, bringing her enthusiasm for constant learning to support the career paths of external candidates and internal colleagues simultaneously.

Tara is trained as a yoga instructor (200 hours), vortex energy healer
and received her 2-year Acting Training from The Poor School, London.


Jayna Klatzker 

Jayna is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with over 25 years of experience. She has a strong history working with people from older adolescents through elderly adults.  She has helped people who struggled through Anxiety, Depression, Life Adjustments, Disordered Eating, Trauma Recovery, Life Adjustments, Gender and Sexuality Issues, and those living with Autism Spectrum differences.  She is compassionate and innovative.  Her work is strength-based, helping folks find and build on their strong points, while looking at ways to address vulnerabilities.  


Through the years, it became very clear to Jayna that when our minds are overloaded or overwhelmed, our bodies can become symptomatic. When we are emotionally hurting, our bodies can end up storing our feelings that show up as headaches, inattentiveness, rigidity, irritable bowel syndrome, eating issues, and other maladies.  Our bodies reflect our life stories.  We often do not “just get over it.”  Issues and habits don’t just disappear if we ignore them.


Jayna’s first yoga teacher certification is in yoga that is more commonly offered to enhance physical self-exercise. The second teacher certification is trauma-informed yoga, which is more for mental wellness-innercise!  It is taught in slower repetitive patterns, like in neuro-muscular or somatic movement. This helps the brain renew ways of connectivity to calm, or energize, depending on what is appropriate for the yoga student.


Christina M. Rogers

Christina M. Rogers is a spiritual mystic and radiant wild woman with a grown son.  She has a big heart, a love for teaching, and good energy.  


After her son was old enough to buy his own car, she got down to business tilling her soul’s soil, planting divine seeds, and harvesting miracles.    


Experiencing a shift in consciousness, she had to choose between the comfort of yesterday or reinventing herself.  She chose the latter.  Thank God Goddess Universe Higher-Self!


Christina moves with power and wisdom championing, “Love Yourself More.”  You can find her exploring in nature, or at Yoga Del Soul events leading with radical compassion. 


Kelly Krisfalusi

Kelly’s belief in your power to change your circumstances is rooted in her own journey.  In 2013, she found herself at the bottom, broken mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Overwhelmed and afraid, Kelly made the choice that changed her life:  She chose not to give up.  Unwilling to accept an unfulfilling life of wondering “what if”, Kelly began to seek opportunities for change.

She kept an open mind and walked her path with courage and conviction.  She said “yes” to chances for growth as they came along, keeping that which spoke to her spirit and discarding that which did not.  In time, Kelly learned to trust herself and began to experience ease and comfort of the heart. 

Driven by her transformation, Kelly is now deepening her peace and joy by helping others uncover their own inner reservoir of strength.  Kelly believes in the power of hypnosis because she believes in the power of you.  Whether you would like to take simple, incremental steps to improve your life; or drastically change your circumstances, Kelly can help you get there.  Her own experience shows the way.  She looks forward to sharing your journey with you.